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    Lake Alpine's Inspiration Point Hike
    (Sunday, October 06, 2002 near Lake Alpine, CA)

    See also my photo album from this hike.

    Quick notes below - full report coming later...

    - Started hiking at 10:20
    - easy finding lakeshore trail from car, followed that for a ways
    - junction was signed for the lakeshore bit, but not the intersecting bit -
      looked like it went in the right direction tho, so we took it
    - pretty steep hiking, quite sore/stiff/fatigued from yesterday
    - realized that it was 0.7mi from junction to IP, not from the car to IP -
      total RT would be 2.2, not 1.4.  No prob
    - feet were happy in Tevas
    - guidebook's adminitions of steepness and exposure greatly overstated
    - nice fellow pointed out utica and union res's
    - rocky trail climb put us at IP
    - lots of rocks arranged into letters/shapes
    - decent views would be much better if there was snow about
    - no view of spicer, alas
    - Felix took pic of 2 families, also from bay area
    - wandered around for a few, taking pics, then returned
    - finished at 11:50

    Hike Stats:
    Distance: ~2.2mi
    Total Time: 1h 30m (including dwell time at the point)
    Total Climbing: a few hundred ft
    Difficulty: 2
    Scenery: 3 - would be spectacular if there was snow around
    Trail condition/markings/etc: 4

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