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  • Fourth of July 2003
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    Gear for Ohlone Wilderness backpacking trip

    This is the gear I brought for backpacking the Ohlone Wilderness trail.

    Being a backpacking newbie, I packed a bit more than necessary, but not too much so. My pack weighed 50# (including 3 liters of water) when we started and 36# (including about 0.5 liters of water) when we finished.
    Outdoor Research mini medical kit
    aspirin & aleveUsed several aleve per day
    mini sewing kit
    safety pins
    spare boot laces
    50' nylon cord
    Coppertone ultra sport SPF 48 sunscreenI wish I'd remembered to put this on my legs on Saturday!
    Bug sprayUnneeded, thankfully!
    "space" blanket
    Rain poncho
    REI shell jacketI love this jacket, but something more packable would be nice. It took up a lot of room, and I didn't use it much at all.
    fleece vestOnly used on Saturday morning
    long underwear tops & bottomsto sleep in
    clean hiking socks, liner socks, & underwear for each day
    Thermarest Ultralite 3/4 lengthI was concerned about sleeping on a 3/4-length pad, but it was fine. It sure isn't as plush as my car-camping pad, though!
    Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 3 tentsweet tent - reasonably light, very roomy, easy to set up & break down.
    Footprint for Flashlight tent
    Marmot 40° down bagThis compressed amazingly well using a Granite Gear XS compression sack
    Thermarest deluxe pillow
    Pur Guide water filterHiker model is lighter, but water volume in Guide is much higher
    Iodine tablets & anti-iodine tabletsbackup for filter
    2.5gal water containerfor camp
    100oz Camelback water bladder
    1-liter Nalgene bottlefor sports drink
    Accelerade (5 packets)2 used, skip it next time
    Spiz (3 packets)1 used, bring one per day next time for use in Nalgene bottle
    1+# of gummy bearseaten
    ~12oz beef jerkeyeaten
    ~12oz ritz bitsonly ate about 1/3 of these
    1 package triscuitsuneaten, but would probably have had triscuits, salami, and cheese if we'd had a "proper" lunch on Sunday
    6oz pretzel bitseaten
    4 clif bars1 eaten
    4 power gelsuntouched
    Evernew 1.3 liter titanium cookpot
    strike-anywhere matches in waterproof case
    1.5 cup Lexan drinking/measuring cup
    MSR WindPro stovegreat stove, heated water much faster than expected!
    MSR fuel canister (1)to my surprise, we had fuel left over after cooking 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts
    REI Kitchen Essentials kitspatula, spoon, 2x knife/fork/spoon, seasoning containers, sponge, etc
    "Clever" toothbrushhandy gadget - stores toothpaste in its handle
    folding knife
    Petzl Tikka LED headlight
    Canon S400 digital elph cameraMy first trip with this camera - its great!
    spare batteries and compact flash cards for S400
    sport binocularsvery glad to have these when we saw golden eagles!
    Byer Tri-Lite stoolDefinitely a luxury item, but we were both very glad to have them - reasonably light (18oz), and comfortable seating
    REI zipper thermometer/compassCompass seemed VERY inaccurate
    SPF15 lip balm
    Playing cardsunused - leave at home next time
    Travel backgammon setunused - leave at home next time

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